Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It’s that time!

OMGoodness! I’ve had the craziest week! Packing, moving, unpacking, trying to set up my classroom, sending my baby boy to daycare… wow. School is definitely in the air, and life has become busy, busy, busy!

This year, our school theme is Hollywood! I’m so excited because there are so many cute things that you can do with that theme. Today I tackled my bulletin boards. I have two bulletin boards outside my classroom. This is my first one, that I’ll put all of my kiddos names on.



Our next bulletin board needed to be used to put our kiddos published writing, so I did a movie theme for that one.



I’m so relieved that I at least got that accomplished. My classroom was an absolute wreck. It always is after summer break. Here’s my room looking not so great! It’s starting to look better though, so I’ll post some updated pics soon!




Pretty bad huh? Can’t wait to get it looking all great!


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Rachel said...

How funny that we did the same bulletin board on the same day! Great minds think alike. I really like your writing wall quote. I'd love to share Hollywood theme ideas. I'm also doing a celebrity of the week found at the First Grade Parade's blog.
Thanks for the comment :o)