Friday, August 12, 2011

Calendar Time!

Okay ya’ll, so I’ve finally gotten around to working on my walls! I was able to get several things accomplished in my classroom today! I was so proud of me! It’s so easy to waste time catching up with everyone and lose track of time! I L.O.V.E to visit, so I have to really watch myself!

Anyway, I got my interactive word wall, my chunk wall, and name chart all completed. I also put together my packets for Meet the Teacher. Lots of stuff marked off of my To Do list.  Next up is my Calendar! I haven’t really had a weather chart, and I’ve been needing one BADLY! I found a cute one on Pinterest, and I adjusted it a bit for what I needed.

Here’s the adorable one on Pinterest.


And here is my version! If you think you could use this in your classroom, just click on the link below to download. Enjoy!

weather chart



Tina said...

Very cute! Thanks!

Quench Your First

Hopping Into First Grade said...

Just what I needed! Thank you so much for sharing!


Hopping Into First Grade said...

BTW I would love to see a pic or your chunk wall - I am thinking that I need to do more work with chunks this year :)


Nina said...

@Tina You're very welcome!

@Christine I'll take a pic of my Chunk Wall when I head to school on Monday, so check back! :)

Little Precious Gems said...

Thanks for your sharing! I was looking for pictures of the weather and saw your posting.