Sunday, July 17, 2011

New spin on behavior charts!

Lately I’ve been looking for some new ideas for discipline in my class. For the past five years, I have been using the classic stoplight system… green, yellow, and red. The kids start on green and then move to yellow and red when they misbehave.


To tell you the truth, this system was just not cutting it in my classroom. I found myself not putting kids on yellow because it wasn’t “bad” enough. And once they moved their clip to red, it just seemed so final! Once a child was on red by 8:00 (and yes, that has happened), there was no incentive to change the behavior. Not to mention, my firsties who had super behavior for the day didn’t get any type of recognition. Talk about negative reinforcement!

So I decided that something had to change. I started looking at some ideas on my fave site that I’ve told you about before, Pinterest, and found the perfect solution!!!

So I went to work last night, creating my new, portable behavior chart. After a little modge podging (that stuff is amazing!), this is what it looks like!


Here are some up close pics.

SAM_0788      SAM_0789


What I love about this portable chart (other than the fun colors and cute scrapbook paper!!!), is that I can positively reinforce the super behavior that I see, and everyone else gets to see it too! It also gives several different options if they have to move their clip for sad behavior.

It’s really simple to make! I got a $0.75 yard stick from Lowe’s, some half off scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby, some sticker letters, and some Modge Podge. I cut the paper the lengths that I needed and just modge podged them on with a sponge brush. SUPER easy! After it was dry, I stuck the letters on, and then applied another coat of MP. I’m going to hot glue ribbon on the back so that I can hang it in my classroom. My yard stick didn’t have a hole at the top like most of them do. Super easy, and super cute!

I also made a chart and a note to send home to parents so that they would know what each color means.  You can download the chart by clicking on the picture below!

Discipline Freebiejpeg

Can’t wait to see how this works with my firsties this school year!



Mrs. K said...

You did an AMAZING job making your new clip stick!!! I LOVE it!! I'll just envy yours, as I'm not an artist and mine wouldn't come close to looking like yours:)

Nina said...

Awww thank you so much! I appreciate it! :)

Ke'Andra said...

Super cute, Nina!

Mrs. Luna said...

This is awesome. I'm a former red light behavior plan and have updated to a similar one recently. Mine is going to hang and have clothes pins on it.

Do you know how you're going to use it as far as incentives/loss of priviledges?

Nina said...

I think what I'm going to do as far as incentives, is let the kids earn a "jewel" which I'll hot glue to their clip for being on green or above all week. After their clip is full, I'll let them eat lunch with me with as a reward with a treat (probably icecream or a cupcake or something). Then they'll get to take their clip home with a special note to their parents telling them what they achieved.

As far as loss of priviledges,I'm still trying to decide exactly what to do. We used to have the kiddos miss out on some of their recess time, but since I'm not sure we'll even have it every day next year, I left it open as "teacher's choice." I may take away some center time, or some fun time on Friday.

Let me know if you have some more ideas! :)

Amy said...

I love this! It takes up less space than the other version I've seen and this one could easily be taken to specials, which is great for consistency!

Amy @ First Things First