Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chunk Journals

With the school year starting soon, I figured I better get some things marked off of my Back to School checklist! Every week, my kiddos learn several new chunks for the week! One thing that I wish I had done last year, was create a “Chunk” journal for all of our words. So I decided to make one!

I’ll probably use a folder or binder to put it in, and we’ll use it to record our new chunk words for the week. I also made a section for “Make-Believe” words. My firsties usually get so excited when they make a word for the chunk, even if it’s not a real word. This way they can still record their make-believe words!

Click on the picture if you’d like to download this Chunk Journal for your classroom!

My Chunk Journal picture



Jaymee Laymance said...

I tried to open your little book, but it said link was unavailable. :(

Nina said...

Oh no! I tried to fix it! Let me know if it's working now :)

Jaymee Laymance said...

One more thing. When I upload a document how do you get it to appear as a pic without taking an actual picture? Make sense?

Nina said...

I saved my document as a jpeg file, and then attached a hyperlink to the picture. I made the document in powerpoint though, not in word. It's a whole lot easier!

Jaymee Laymance said...

Thanks for the tips! It won't let you do that in Word I don't think.

Nina said...

How did you put your text into your header? I can't for the life of me remember how I did it on my other blog!