Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I *Heart* President’s Day!

I love February, and not just because it’s my birthday month! I absolutely love teaching about presidents! My first graders are always so excited and interested to learn about these real people of the past!

This week, I’ve been using BookFlix A LOT! If you haven’t tried Scholastic’s Book Flix yet, check it out! It’s amazing!!! The username is elv and the password is bookflix. This site pairs up fiction and nonfiction books. I use the nonfiction books during my shared reading time and show the book on my promethean board. So great when you don’t have a big book to use on a particular topic!

After learning and reading about Abraham Lincoln, we did a few craftivities to expand our learning.

With this activity that one of the sweet teacher’s on my team found on pinterest, they had to write about what they would do if they had Abraham Lincoln’s hat. Their writing is glued underneath the hat.

blogabe a

Then we got out the popsicle sticks and made Lincoln’s log cabin!

bloglog bloglog2

Fun, Fun, FUN! Love learning about Lincoln!


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